Dubbing mixer, Audio mixing and 5.1

Dubbing mixer, Audio mixing and 5.1


Our in-house dubbing mixers can work with all the sound elements (dialogue, automated dialogue replacement, foley, sound effects, atmospheres, and music), and mix them together to create the final soundtrack, ensuring that film sound is correct both technically and stylistically.

The East Wing’s control room is also a great work environment: spacious, comfortable and most importantly, acoustically designed and treated for high quality listening experience. Not only does it deliver great results, it makes spending long hours over a complicated sound mix a very enjoyable experience.

Using a state of the art Pro tools system as the DAW and supported by a large selection of digital plugins and analogue equipment we can handle huge track counts and playback HD Visuals for reference.

Below are some examples of recent projects…

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In 2016 we did the 5.1 mix for the Sunday for Sammy Variety show, see promo above

In 2016 the 5.1 mix for the Geordie Jazz man Doc was done here at the East Wing. See the trailer above.