The East Wing Studios were purpose built for Audio Post Production....

and the results speak for themselves


Our Mission Statement

After humble beginnings in 2012, the past few years have seen The East Wing make purposeful strides up the food chain and we now work with international and global brands such as Emirates, Eve Valkyrie, Jools Holland and Bet 365. We offer highly skilled services in audio post production and music composition for our clients in advertising, film, TV & radio, VR, digital and computer games.



Our strengths lie in what we can offer that others can not - Our Team. We are all experienced, client-facing and friendly, and we pride ourselves on being far more than a conveyor belt service. We, just like everyone else have the equipment and technology, but The East Wing is not just about that, its about Our Team and how they harness the tools and technology and use them as instruments of creativity.



Our mission is to continue to grow and expand our client base further, whilst continuing to recognise that no matter how far we take this or how great our work is - we will always challenge ourselves to become better and give our clients the personalised and bespoke service that they can rely on The East Wing to provide for them.



We know that creativity comes best with a personal touch, and that mentality underpins everything that we do.