The East Wing is lucky enough to have our own in house composer, Rich McCoull, who has been a professional composer for over 10 years after graduating from Newcastle University in 2003, and first taking strides into musical performance and production.

Over the years, he has written music for TV trailers and film channels, and produced music featured on MTV, MYV2, MTV Base, BCC Radio 1,2,6, 1 Xtra, BBC television, ESPN, Film 4 and ‘Horror.’ and adverting clients such as Ralph Lauren or BET365.

Now based in The East Wing audio facility, Rich helps us to provide bespoke music to all aspects of the media industries.

Rich composed the score to multi award winning Oculus Rift and PSVR virtual reality game EVE: Valkyrie in 2016, along with all of the content updates. Then 2017 Expansion Eve: Valkyrie WARZONE.

Rich can write in many styles and genres, from Orchestral to electro and anything in between. So if you have a project in mind, get in touch and Rich will discuss with you how best to approach your project and what different options there might be for your bespoke music.

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