Noise reduction and audio restoration

Noise reduction and audio restoration


There is no 'magic button' when it comes to noise reduction or audio restoration, and in an ideal world we'd all be able to record great location sound on every piece of work we do, take it into the post production stage for some studio 'polish' in the sound mix and be done.

But thanks to bad weather conditions, broken cables, excessive microphone cracking/ popping or noisy air conditioning, unwanted anomalies or sound problems can and do happen. Luckily we can completely remove or improve these including removing unwanted distortion.

Digital audio editing software and high resolution restoration plugins have become very advanced over the last few years, so if you have sound files that aren't in as great a shape as you'd like, it is always worth asking the question, give us a quick call, send the files to us and we'll let you know if anything can be done with them.

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