Commercials, Radio and Corporate

Commercials, Radio and Corporate


We regularly provide edit and sound services for TV, radio, online commercials, sponsorship idents or corporate videos, including video editing (offline or online) and the final colour grade as well as the sound services. We have the facilities and the expertise to record, direct and edit the voice over. Whether you choose it to be done here in the East Wing Studio or via ISDN, we can accommodate.

We can also find you the perfect voiceover for your project from our huge database.

And it doesn’t end there. We’ll add the Sound effects or design a bespoke soundscape if there is no location sound to match the live action, and then compose the music or source a library track where required. The final stage of this is the audio mix to level off all the component sounds, sweeten and equalize the frequencies and then make sure the advert adheres to the relevant audio delivery specifications depending on what Channel or country that is will be used for.  

You can see some examples below.

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