To ADR or not to ADR….that is the question…that very few people will be interested in...

Danny and Mick

ADR probably doesn’t mean much to most people reading, ADR is automated dialogue replacement. When  something is recorded on set and it doesn’t sound right….it needs rerecording….this is where the ADR process begins.

Anything from a rustle on a microphone to a windy day can render on set audio useless even with the some of the best audio restoration tools now available

So we spent much of the last 2 weeks knee deep in ADR recordings for shows like the Dumping ground and Danny and Mick.

The Dumping ground has been one of children’s TV’s big hitters for a number of years now and it was great to welcome 9 members of the cast into the east wing over 2 days of sessions. But Danny and Mick….this is a new one.

The beauty of this one is of course, that the show is fantastic, a physical style comedy that is certain to have any 6 year old laugh their socks off! The back story is brilliant. Years of hard work finally paying off.

The 2 brothers, Danny and Mick (who are real life brothers, not just in the show) have been entertaining audiences on stage for years. They have been the main attraction in Newcastle Pantomime for about 12 years. Their most recent Panto is the fastest selling in the Uk. Danny recently won best comic at the 2018 Great British Pantomime Awards for his role as Peter Pan at the Theatre Royal Newcastle. They also tour with their dad in their own variety show, Cirque Du Hilarious.

Episode 1 comes out Monday

Studio @ The East Wing