Thank you 2018 ... It's been emotional!!!


So 2018 is now condemned to the archives, we’re all back to work and last year is just a distant memory…. But it’s worth one last look :)

2018 saw us heavily involved with the team at Cravens, they’ve brought in some outstanding projects over the year, from the ‘Are you playing Gala bingo’ campaigns to the legendary, Brian Blessed astride Boris the bear for the world cup ads. We were also ‘Blessed’ (see what I did there :) with appearances by Kelly Brook and James Buckley in the 2 following Ladbrokes campaigns.

Topped off with the Wilder vs Fury promos staring one of the most loved sports personalities of our younger days…Frank Bruno!

We were involved in some cracking projects for Drummond Central, notably The Zinsser radio campaign. Some amazing/ unnerving voice acting by Andonis Anthony and just fantastically creative scripts!

For the second time in consecutive years we did the Dubbing for the CBeebies series ‘My First’ with MCC Media, 18 episodes were delivered by early February.

As horror fans one of the standout projects we worked on was actually started in 2017 and spilled over into 2018. Feature film, Why hide? Re titled as ‘Christmas Presence’ when it was released by AMC as a Shudder Original, was written by James Cook and Karen Taylor. We wrote the score and provided all of the audio post for the 86 minute feature.

For some location sound recording we embarked on one of the more unusual projects we’ve had requested in a long time, which was to travel the country recording Sound effects of real steam locomotives. The fact that Colin our location recordist is a bit of a train buff did us no harm (or as I have now been instructed, they are locos not trains!!!). These recordings were used in the sound chips for model trains made in America by Train Control Systems.

We were visit on a number of different occasions for voice recordings by local celebs Chris Ramsey, Jason Cook, Lee Westwood and Hairy Biker Si King.

There were too many projects to mention them all, but we had a blast, we are very lucky to have such great clients.

Hope everyone has returned ready for 2019, we’ll be right there with you!!

Studio @ The East Wing