Lads Lads Lads and Everybody!

Ladbrokes 2018 ad campaigns.

This summer we’ve been working closely with Cravens on their ad campaigns for Ladbrokes.

There are 3 parts to the campaign, the first featuring Brian Blessed. The second featuring Kelly Brook and the third James Buckley from the Inbetweeners.

The ads were directed by Damien O’Donnel with visual effects and edit done at Screen Scene in Dublin.

Our role…as always, SOUND!

For anyone who caught the football on TV for the World cup, you will have seen the legend that is Brian Blessed astride a bear (of course, what else would it be)

So we were charged with bringing the bear to life. Obviously Brian didn’t ride a bear through a door into a bar, Boris had been filmed elsewhere on a green screen by Green Screen Animals in Santa Monica, who have a fantastic reputation for animal welfare.  So the green screen footage obviously had no sound of a bear crashing through doors and roaring at punters. And neither did he run through a brick wall on his exit. So this job was primarily a sound design job but we also took care of the mixing as well.

The second ad stars Kelly Brook as the driver of a chariot pulling a carriage full of Jockeys who all sing in incredibly deep choral voices. These ads were to promote horse racing throughout the year.

So aside from locating the deepest of deep male choirs to take on the part of the Jockey’s we created sound beds and custom sound design to enhance the ‘madness’ on screen!

The final of the 3 ads was James Buckley dressed in a rather strange Rocket man outfit, he flies in through the streets causing chaos and carnage, landing ‘elegantly’ in the square to tell a crowd of people about all of the various betting possibilities available through Ladbrokes. The sound design here was to give comic effect to his obviously ‘fake’ rocket suit and a mix of twisted MIG fighter jet and some synthesised Sci fi tech noises did the trick.

The Ladbrokes Idents – so the opening ‘LADDDDBROOOKES’ of course was sung by Brian himself …who else could do the job with such style??

The end ident was something we created just to give a sense of resolution to the ads whilst keeping the feel of the ‘lads lads lads’ rallying call.

Have a watch below!

Studio @ The East Wing