Who do you.... Glove?

Frank Bruno, Who do you Glove?

In the run up to Christmas we had the great pleasure of working again with Cravens and Ladbrokes providing all of the audio post on the ads for the Fury vs Wylder fight.

And there was nothing that could have prepared us for the star….a blast from our past, someone who I don’t think anyone can say a bad word about… Frank Bruno.

And the ads really didn’t disappoint.

The ads feature Frank terrorising the streets of the UK asking people who they ‘Glove’ …Fury or Wylder. If you don’t laugh at Franks face on the treadmill in the social media ad….well…probably not a lot will make you laugh.

Social media ad

It was certainly nice to see Frank at his best again. After the eye injury he received during his final fight with Mike  Tyson  in 1996, he had a number of years battling some mental health issues and his recovery can only be seen as a testament to his character, it’s great to see him fighting  fit again :)

More Ladbrokes ads to follow in 2019…..

Full TV ad

Studio @ The East Wing