Did we see Keith Duffy in a gala bingo ad?

Keith duffy Gala Bingo

The answer to this incredibly poignant question is Yes. So while we were all slightly comatosed  with excessive turkey and mildly inebriated from too much mulled wine, Keith Duffy joined the ‘Are you playing Gala Bingo’ Campaign over the festive period, serenading an unsuspecting lady whilst she sat watching Christmas TV, magically bringing Christmas to life in her living room…luckily she gives him is tambourine back at the end!

We were lucky enough to work with some fantastic musicians in the studio to complete the sound on this job,

On Trumpet Dave Hignett, Sax Andrea De Vere, Keys Andrew Garner, Backing vocals by Faye Shearer and of course fronted by Keith himself.

And of course once again featuring the voice over talents of Natural Sounding Voices own….. Mike Cooper


Off the back of this amazingly successful advert, Boyzone have reformed and have sold out a massive 46 stadium tour round the UK, starting off on the 30th of January at the Arena in Newcastle!!!

Or maybe they just reformed last year and sold out the tour without the Gala ad…either way…it’s GREAT!