Gala Bingo - Where happy happens

Gala Bingo - Where Happy happens

Having Spent the last few years working on the Gala Bingo commercials we were tasked with creating a musical arrangement for the launch of their new campaign that took place inside a magical, fun-filled world.

Filmed in Riga, Latvia, the ad follows 4 lucky players on a bingo-themed golf buggy in this world of yellow and blue happy and fantastic experiences,  with exclusive games, celebrities, in-jokes for bingo fans and an endless array of entertainment.

Using their signature track of Na Na hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye we went back to the source, referencing the original Steam version as opposed to the Bananarama cover that had been used on other commercials.

Working with great talents such as Dave Hignett (Trumpets), Andrea Devere (Sax),  Richard Dudley (guitar), Tom Bacon (Drums), David Gray (Trombone) and Andy Garner (Keys) we helped shape the world into the party they wanted it to be.

Sound Effects were added to maximise the effect of the huge amount of Visual FX that had been incorporated, managing to make the world both fun and believable.

From jingles to opera, the diversity with which we’ve arranged the track over the years has been a rewarding challenge, and one which we look forward to doing again....and again..and again :)

Studio @ The East Wing