bet365 Sponsorship Idents 2016

We have a long standing relationship with the team at Drummond central (household names from their live twitter feed ‘Puddle watch’ earlier in the year), working on (amongst other projects) the bet365 sponsorship idents that are often seen ‘topping and tailing’ the football or tennis on Sky Sports. And again this summer we were asked to provide bespoke music compositions and sound design for the new animations.

This year is different tho, over the last 10 years the well-known bet365 sponsorships - featuring the 3, the 6 and the 5 all taking part….or sometimes failing to take part in various sporting situations or gaffs have been exceptionally successful and also incredibly well known to anyone who watches live sport on TV. The team at Drummond Central were giving the huge task of creating and updating the look and concept of the bet365 sponsorship idents. What they came up with were some fantastic animations, supported by bespoke music and sound design from ourselves here at the East Wing. The idea is based on UI interfaces. These idents would be used worldwide for various sports broadcast sponsorships across all sorts of sports like football, tennis, cricket, Australian rules, horse racing and National Rugby League, the concept would have to fit any type of sport. We think it does very successfully!

The music and sound had to be all about a build, a crescendo of 15 secs but whilst allowing the sound effects some space to match the visual. Epic percussion, driving bass and hi tech UI style SFX all combine to make some really appropriate sound beds for the new sponsorships.

See below for some of the most recent versions.

Studio @ The East Wing