Ardbeg '10 Years of Mickey' - Video editing and colour grade

Our latest project was working with award winning photographer Alex Telfer on his series of short films celebrating '10 years of Mickey' (Mickey Heads – Distillery Manager at the famous ARDBEG Distillery on Islay).

The brief was to create three short films around their three main whiskeys -TEN, Uiegedail and Corryvreckan. Each with its own unique flavour, but more importantly from a narrative point of view, a unique story to their creation.

Through Alex’s vision we tried to encapsulate the mood of life on Islay and let long-time distiller Mickey tell his story about why their whiskey is so special. Looking at the different locations that represent the whiskies, each one posed it's own challenge with the colour grade and sound mix in particular, largely due to the ever changing weather on Islay and distinct feel of each of the shorts.

 - Ardbeg Ten was shot in the smokey, quiet warehouses where they distill the whiskey.

 - Ardbeg Uiegedail was outside by the loch as all the seasons seemed to be present in every shot. Visually impressive there were gales, downpours, bright sunshine, and a passing of clouds that dropped the location into darkness at times.

 - Ardbeg Corryvreckan was out at Sea. The weather was no different there which as it turns out, affects sailing considerably, who knew?

We completed the Edit, Colour Grade and Sound Mix after fully immersing ourselves in the ARDBEG way, that is to NOSE, TASTE and TOAST the whiskey. Needless to say this happened after work.

The project was delivered in three durations, 60, 30 seconds, and social media specific formats.

Depending on the brief, editing can sometimes leave you scarred by the repetitive nature of trying to get things right. Imagine those radio adverts with local dialects turned up to 11, or the television adverts with a jingle that stays in your head until bed-time. Now imagine the opposite of those things...

 “A bottle of ARDBEG TEN please shop keep”.

Studio @ The East Wing