What's your Gala la la? - audio production, TV commercials

This year we've been doing more TV and radio adverts for Gala Bingo.

The original set of adverts which were hugely successful were based on the idea of the nation singing 'Gala la la'. There were multiple location around the country where groups or individuals would spontaneously erupt into song...Gala la la la...Gala la la la...Hey Hey Hey...Bingo!

This time the idea was to be a bit more personal, so the creative explores 3 gala bingo members and 'what's their gala la la?' 

3 different scenarios were filmed - directed by Henry Scholfield - whose showreel includes well known work with pop artists such as Take that. So it goes without saying that each of the commercials looks superb and all have a real 'pop promo' feel about them.

First this year, we had 'Emma sails' where a lady finds herself on a yacht with a crew of very tanned sailors....and a couple of small dogs?!

For this we were asked to write an arrangement of the original 'Kiss him good night' track with the new Gala la melody that was more of an electro pop 80's feel - referencing Duran Duran. It was a great chance to dig out some synthesizers and emulations that probably haven't seen much use in the last 10 years!

The following concept was 'Lisa Rides' A direct nod to the popular TV series 'Poldark.' Where two young lovers gallop across the countryside.

The brief here was to transform the same music track into something that would be in keeping with the cinematic and period nature of the imagery. Epic orchestration and subtle glockenspiel outlines the lovers tale in this 30 second  short story.

The final in the st of 3 is 'Showtime' ....this one is pretty self explanatory and we had to come up with yet another music arrangement of the 'kiss him goodbye' track. This one with brass and more of a lounge/big band feel. We called on the services of local brass players Andrea De Vere (saxophone) and Dave Hignett (Trumpet) to help us bring the new arrangement to life.

These ads are always loads of fun to work on whether composing new musical arrangements or doing the sound mixing. We look forward to seeing what next year has to offer from the Gala bingo ads. 

Studio @ The East Wing