Sunday for Sammy 2016

Sunday for Sammy 2016

Working alongside award winning director Geoff Wonfor (Beatles Anthology, The White Room) again was an absolute riot, helped considerably by the comedy stylings of The Aufweidersehen Pet lads, Denise Welch, Jason Cook and the late, great Brendan Healy.

Sunday for Sammy is held every 2 years in memory of the late actor Sammy Johnson in Newcastle upon Tyne's City hall.

The first show was performed in 2000, and has featured a whole host of stars from the worlds of TV, theatre and music. They frequently sell out the shows in hours, raising funds for creative, talented and enthusiastic young performing artists around the North East. 

Some past performers includ Auf Wiedersehen Pet's  Kevin Whately, Jimmy Nail, Timothy Spall and Christoper Fairbank, along with Ray Jackson, Charlie Hardwick, Billy Mitchell, Stephen Tomkinson and Jill Halfpenny: while many of the cast appear regularly in the show, the final bill is never made public and surprise guests in recent years have included AC/DC's Brian Johnson and Mark Knopfler. 

This being the eighth installment of Sunday For Sammy we came on board at the early stages, editing, sound mixing and creating the graphical interludes that would appear throughout the two sell-out shows. Before finishing the job with the online edit, colour grade and 5.1 audio mix ready for delivery to dvd.

It was also a great opportunity to finally meet and work with legendary producer/ director Chris Cowey (Top of the Pops)

Whilst being a technical achievement from our point of view, the show itself managed to include a prophetic joke about Donald Trump becoming president of the United States of America, which doesn’t seem as funny now.

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