Emirates - ICE TV sponsorships

At the beginning of the year we were lucky enough to write the music and create the sound design for these fantastic Emirates in-flight sponsorship idents  - ICE TV.

Emirates' "ICE" system (which stands for Information, Communication, Entertainment) allows passengers to keep up with the news, send emails, and browse over 1,800 channels of movies, games, and television throughout every flight.

The project we were involved with was to provide sound for the sponsorships that precede each film.

Here's a few to have a look at

Car chase around the Emirates logo - what else would you expect :)

Pieces of composed music and sound design audio that link through the decades from radio - television - right through to HD

Similar to the first Essential TV except all sound design

Three composed pieces of music 'in one' - the challenge here was  to try and fit something for everyone into 15 sec!!!

Film club had to sound classic - with vinyl crackles and all, but with the grandeur of any Hollywood Block buster!

This one was a little more light hearted, music and sound design for the natural world!

Studio @ The East Wing