The East Wing Promo 2015

The promo was completed back in March, and we've had some crazy definitely is a promo with a difference....Finally I've had time to sit down and put some photos together and just review a little bit about what we did.


The idea initially appeared in a discussion with director James Cook who we work with on a regular basis. James heard the piece of music we had written (or an earlier version of it) and pointed out that as it grew into something huge we needed to have visuals to he came back to us with a proposal that we did not expect....Tolkien VS Geiger....creatively it matched the music so closely that it was uncanny.


The only question was how would be pull it off, in a reasonable time frame and on the budget we had set aside? 

James and I both thought of the same person to play the lead characters..Fifi Galore is a Newcastle based fire dancer, model and angle grinder. We bth new she would be perfect and she jumped at the chance to be invled. 

We are lucky enough to be based just around the corner from Picture Canning north who have a green screen studio and of course every bit of kit you'd need for a high end production.


All of the crew we used were from Newcastle upon Tyne. Camera operator Tom Finch and Gaffer Tony Cook


The next big issue was how to get Fifi to look like 2 very different characters. For this James found Laura Tallentine, make up artist who came up with some incredible work to transform Fifi into our 2 characters. Doing all of the make up and body painting for the 2 section within the space of a 1 day shoot!!


A one day shoot was incredible ambitious to get all of this done but we managed it, finishing very late...but finishing nevertheless

So, once we had come to the end of the shoot we remembered that we were originally  an Audio post we then had to get our music back on top as  the stand out part of the video....after all of the amazing visual work that was talking place that was not going to be easy.


We brought in a fantastic string section - Ed Cross, Josephine Montgomery, Laura Newton, Ele Leckie


Once we had replaced the programmed strings with live players we recorded opera singer Ruth Lackenby-Jones as our vocalist.

The combination of live instrumentation and programmed parts worked beautifully, and gave the soundtrack it's own character.  We brought in Mick Hedley to assist with the String recording - Mick has been responsible for recording all of the orchestras in the Kings Hall for a number of years now. The main hall in in Kingsland church provided us with an ideal location to get a 'cinematic' orchestral feel. The soundtrack had to show a wide range of musical style whilst also telling the story set out in our concept.




There's probably a ton of stuff I've missed out, but that the basis of what we did , so I guess if you haven't already seen it is.....'The soundtrack to your vision'...