Fred Perry / Nigel Cabourn - composer, video editing, sound design

We were lucky enough to work on a beautiful project with Alex Telfer just before Christmas, which has only just gone live online. Nigel Cabourn has just created a new line of vintage clothing inspired by 1920 table tennis wear.

The video was directed by Alex Telfer and it looks stunning in a very classic kind of way. The edit was done in house here at the East Wing in our new video editing suite by Michael Atkinson. The music was written by in house composer Rich McCoull and the sound design was also done in house here. Alex was ken for the music to have a strong influence from Brain Eno, so there was enough space for some really highlighted sound effects. Anything with too much melodic detail would have been distracting from the amazing imagery and it is definitely a sound design led piece from our perspective

The video takes a far more artistic approach rather than accurate approach to sound. Making everything feel just a little more spacious and calm. 

Some background to collection this video was made for.

Fred Perry as most people know was a famous  tennis player who won Wimbledon a bunch of times and some other tournaments (being honest I'm not a big tennis fan, but you get the jist...he was pretty good!) Before he took up tennis professionally, he was actually the 1929 world champion of table tennis. Which is where Nigel Cabourn's '1929 table tennis collection' comes from. The Styles in the collection are actually inspired by the clothes worn by Perry and Victor Barna (again another exceptionally talented person who I don't know loads about - he was 5 time world champion of table tennis between 1929-1954) So to stay in keeping with this idea, the film itself had to look vintage and authentic.

It might seem strange for an Audio post house to be offering video editing, that is a brand new service this year. After many requests from our clients for the ability to do the edit and audio all in one sitting, we finally gave in. The new edit suite was build towards the tail end of 2014 and is kitted out the Adobe creative cloud and final cut X. All running from a 12 x 2.93 core mac pro with 32gb RAM. The edit is capable of 4K editing and playback. And of course because we are sound people, the acoustics of the suite are excellent! And we've put some pretty nice speakers in there just to top off the visual experience.

So we look forward to seeing many more great films being posted ll in house here at the East Wing.