BET365 EPIC IDENTS - composer, sound design and sound mixer

Over the last month we have been working on the BET365 EPIC sponsorship idents for Sky Sports and BT sports, as composer, sound designer and sound mixingFrom the title you'll be able to guess that of course these idents need to sound MASSIVE!!! The animations were done by Bryony and Davey at Studio Moo and I must say they look fantastic. The agency is Drummond central. So it was nice to be involved in an all north east project. The idea behind the BET365 sponsorship's for those who haven't seen them before is, the 3 characters...the 3 ...the 6 and the 5 are all involved in various sporting events. Normally relating to whatever sport is on that they are sponsoring, so in this case football. The idea is that they will have some sort of accident or a joke will come out of whatever situation they've been placed in. This sort of thing allows an 'any goes' approach to the sound design, it doesn't have to be life like, it is more about emphasizing the joke. Normally this job is just sound design, however these idents need to be EPIC!! So we discussed the idea of writing some seriously big sounding music to run in the background and simplify the sound effects, so everything had a bit more space to be, well..huge. The music was to sound like a film trailer, very over the top and of course very dramatic. We came down to the idea of having 3 pieces of music to use over the 10 idents and then that actually became 4 by the end when 'DRUMS' required a very different feel to the other idents. For this track Rich used pure percussion sounds to try and blur the line between the sound being a music track playing along with the advert and it being the crowd at the game playing the 'war drum beats' in the percussion. Epic 1 is an uptempo gripping call to war type of tune, massive orchestra, huge percussion and the angriest sounding choir I've heard in a while. It builds from start to finish very quickly so the ident ramps up to a massive climax

Epic 2 has a similar pace but less build, it is pretty big from the start.

Epic 3 is much slower but by using this reduction in tempo it carries a much grander feel than the other 2 , I think if it were a competition...Epic 3 is the most epic!!

As well as the Epic Idents we did the sound design and audio mix for 6 Australian idents. The sound design and effect for these are more detailed as there is no music running in the background and because they are not epic they are based more along the lines of jokes. The interesting angle of these, is as they are used in multiple countries we couldn't have any words in them - otherwise they wouldn't be understood in different countries when they are used at later dates. Again with these being animations there is a lot of scope for building layered sounds that don't sound like they would exist in the real world but sound brilliant against cartoon animation!!

Studio @ The East Wing