We have recently completed the sound for the first set of late movie bumpers for film 4, sponsored by 32Red online casino. The brief was initially to create a set of 3 (followed in the coming months by a further 3) 15 second Idents that would be cut-down into 5+10 second versions, that would have a real nod to the classic film genres. In this case, sci-fi, horror and of course...the car chase. Lead Creative, Steve Carroll enlisted the talents of motion graphics wizard, Andy Lovatt and 3D guru Max Jauga to create the visual elements of the project. Our side ....purely sound.

Musically, for a composer, this project was a treat. For sci fi we aimed to make reference to 50's/60's sci-fi films such as 'The day the earth stood still', for horror, the options are of course endless, but the classics Halloween, Friday 13th and Mike Oldfield's tubular bells from 'The Omen' made for a great starting point. For the car chase we attempted to create a blend of the more traditional 'Starsky and Hutch'groove whilst trying to incorporate the more modern feel brought about by films such as 'Drive' and video games such as 'Driver' and 'Grand Theft Auto'

For the voice over we needed someone with some real gravity and cinematic presence. We turned to voice over artist, Philip Banks, recorded via an ISDN link up from our sound studios at The East Wing in Newcastle upon Tyne, to his personal ISDN recording studio in Port Gordon, Scotland. The range of reads he provided us with were both terrifying...I mean really terrifying (don't ever let him read you a bedtime story) to romantic and epic. It appears there is no genre that man could not accommodate. And when you have a voice so deep you can make the whole studio vibrate....we had all of the authority we needed.

Visually Andy and Max created some fantastic imagery that really captured the essence of the movie genres with an amazing nod to traditional drive-in movies. The bumpers are now airing before, during and after the late night movies every night on Film Four.

32Red have agreed with Steve on storyboards of the next 3 bumpers, so more to come in the coming months....or, more accurately I should be continued....

Studio @ The East Wing