It's not often that one person leaves such a mark on a city, my first memories of Keith Crombie were watching a large elderly man handing out photocopied flyers for a place called the Jazz cafe - I couldn't initially work out where it was, and the first time I went he wouldn't even let me in but like everyone in I have my own set of fond memories from that most unusual of venues....Keith Crombie - The Jazz Man. He died a couple of years ago and received a New Orleans style send off as hundreds of musicians processed through Newcastle city centre to say their good byes. So many people have stories of nights in the Jazz cafe, which literally looked like someone's living room with a band in corner playing Be Bop, Trad, swing - anything went.After Keith died there has been a battle to keep the venue open, the reality of his commitment to keeping the venue open is difficult to follow for anyone. This documentary is Keith's Story and the story of saving the Jazz cafe which thankfully re opened this weekend. We did the audio mix for the teaser that Abi Lewis is currently trying to get funding for.


Director Abi Lewis (God daughter of Keith Crombie) wrote this synopsis or the documentary: This is the portrait of a man who stands like an island against the stream of modern culture; an unbending, uncompromising enigma fighting a rearguard action in defence of his beloved jazz.

This is the story of a club, a dishevelled and cluttered monument to a bygone age. A shabby beacon, calling out to the lost souls in search of a refuge, a bottle of warm booze, and free flowing music. Trad, swing, be-bop or avant-garde; all are welcome.

This is the story of the modern age; of a lost heart of music.

This is the story of the small, disparate but determined community whose fight is to preserve the venue that they cherish.

This film is the collection of said stories and more.

However, ultimately this is the story of one man. Keith Crombie: The Jazz Man.

The dub for the film will happen at The East Wing - it's an exciting project to be involved in

Studio @ The East Wing