The East Wing composer, Rich McCoull has been involved as singer and bass player for Electro Rock band, Orphean Sounds' for a number of years now. They have just released the single 'Come with Me' accompanied by a video directed by James Cook. James describes the video..... 'Come with Me' storms through a joyous, hedonistic and optimistic, 'live for the weekend' narrative. The concept for the video was to encapsulate and project those themes, that attitude and the multi-layered styles of the music by literally showcasing its effect on the widest gamut of audiences. The video progressively intercuts from the band members in action to extraordinary, bizarre and at times rapturous performances by an array of eclectic talent all with the same agenda, to invite and entice the viewer into their individual arcane worlds. It is cut to an epilepsy-inducing climax before drawing to a slow burning close.

The video (as you'll see below) involved all sorts of weird and wonderful performers from the Newcastle area, including Bionik Funk - 2 incredibly talented break dancers, Klub Kids - drag queens, Fifi Galore - burlesque and angle grinding and Cheery Vixen - Burlesque. Auditions went on all over the city for weeks and weeks in advance of the shooting days. The video was shot in the Picture Canning North studio, Directed and edited by James Cook, DOP Tom Finch and Produced by Abi Lewis.

Orphean sounds the band, was an idea Rich had to setup a live dance band where everything was performed live and in real-time in front of an audience. To add to this a live guitarist and drummer we brought in to create an eclectic mix if dance, electro and rock music. Influenced by bands like The Prodigy, Rage against the machine and The Crystal method.

Rich mixed the tracks in The East Wing using the Amek BCii console in the main studio. Unusually he mixed the track using Nuendo 6 as the DAW not Pro tools, with so many of the synths coming from hardware units, Access virus snow, Roland MC909 and Dave Smith Evolver - Rich prefers to use the midi sequencer in Nuendo over that of Pro tools.

The launch night of the video was on the 9th of November at the Cluny in Newcastle upon Tyne with approximately 250 in the audience, as well as the band playing a 45 minute set, the band performed in sync and live to the video for its first viewing. The reset of the performers took to the stage after the band played bringing together an exceptionally talented line up from a less that mainstream background. All very unusual!!