These past few weeks we've been working on the sound for the 'Best Western Hotels' Online and TV advertising. Directed and shot by Newcastle's own Alex Telfer and his team, then the edit and graphics by Andy Lovatt (Something Moving) - with a pool of talent like this, this project was always going to look fantastic, an opportunity to match stunning visuals with great sound. The on-line adverts are 40 second mini films telling 5 different stories of experiences that have been had or unique qualities that can be found in Best Western hotels. Best Western pride themselves on being a little different, their ethos is to provide something a little different or alternative from a typical hotel stay and therefore the bespoke music composition they required from us would need to reflect this difference. Drawing influence from Composers such as Thomas Newman (American Beauty, the Adjustment Bureau) we aimed to capture something quirky yet with the emotion fitting of such beautifully captured scenarios.

One story describes an in house hotel baker, still working with traditional equipment, another an on site vineyard and for me most interesting, the visiting businessman who returned so many times, that when he retired he became the hotel  maintenance man.

The voice we chose for Best Western was Andrew Bicknell who is most recently known for his role in 'Doctors' as 'Professor Cameron Hargreaves' BBC. His warm tone and authoritative reads were prefect and as an actor first - voice over second, he brought the scripts to life, as only a true story teller can, capturing the mood, emotion and feel of each of Best Western's narratives. To record Andrew, we linked up with Soho base ISDN studios 'A1vox.'

The sound design of this project was straight forward but important for his project, ambiance, atmosphere and spot effects all helped draw the viewer further into Best Westerns own unique experiences.

The second part of this Job was to create sponsorship idents to be used on 'Off the Beaten Track' on ITV. These were cutdown versions of the original compositions we created for the online mini films. Again Andrew Bicknell was the voiceover artist.

With one more element to this project remaining, the final instalment will begin in the next month.

Studio @ The East Wing