We have just finished work on a TV commercial for 32Red online casino, the commercial is intended not only as an advert for the online casino but more specifically to showcase new games as they are released. In this first version, these featured games are 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' and 'The Dark knight Rises' and these titles are emblazoned across huge screens on buildings that explode from the landscape as an expansive city scape laden with lights and CG effects burst from the ground.

With the buildings growing from out of the landscape, and the sheer scale of the visuals (by 3D wizard Max Jauga) the music had to be epic, the growth of an entire city could not be hesitant. The striking reds and Vegas style lighting drew the style towards and electronic feel with heavy bass and beats to match the size and proportions of the buildings appearing all around. The piece also needed to suggest a competitive edge - a call to action, maybe like a training song or a track that would inspire a victory - Once this was achieved the commercial began to feel like it was taking place in an arena ready for the viewer to step into the shimmering lights of a tournament based in an imaginary digital world.

For the sound design, the effect almost needed to be like an earthquake in reverse, all of the rumbling, ground shaking and destructive sounds we could build, but they needed to match buildings and skyscrapers clad with games screens reaching and clambering out of the ground as far as the eye can see, with plenty of dramatic sounding movements in the sound to match the camera pans that make the viewer feel they are being transported around the city scape in a helicopter or aircraft, ascending finally for a birds eye view of the infinitely expanding city.

For the voice-over we had a chance once again to work with Newcastle based voice artist, Simon Barnes who made a fantastic job of driving the advert with a very cool, authoritative performance that wouldn't have been out of play on sky sports or on a film trailer....gripping and inspiring. Simon will be involved in remaking this commercial with us every time the featured games are swapped over the next year or so.

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More new games to follow in the coming months!!!

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